Author’s Bio – Luis Enrique Guzmán Reyes

Luis is an English to Spanish translator who holds a B.A. in English, majored in Translation Studies, that enjoys being involved in any activity related to his profession. He also works as a transcriber in both languages, and as a proofreader in Spanish. His freelance career has given him the opportunity to gain experience in several areas of knowledge such as medicine, agriculture, metalworking and automotive industry, education and special education, marketing, graphic design, business, to name some. He’s always willing to take any new challenging project since what he likes the most about his profession is that with every new job there’s always something new to learn.

One of his favorite interests is learning new languages and about the culture of their countries. During his academic formation, he studied French, Chinese and Korean. The last language he studied was Japanese, staying in Tokyo for a couple of months. He’s mainly working to master these languages because he loves them, but also because he wants to give his clients a wider range of languages to translate into whenever they need it.

Professional Experience

Luis’ first work experience was as an English teacher in a high school when studying in college. After that, still as a college student, he worked as a home tutor for students and people who wanted to improve their English level. Shortly after his graduation he managed to get his first translation job, which was the translation of a two-page brochure for metalworking machinery. Being a highly technical content, he made sure to do a proper research on the subject in order to ensure that every term used in the translation was the perfect match for its English counterpart. In the end, the translation was approved, and more related material was given to translate. This terminology research process, which was developed during that project, was improved and employed in all future specialized texts to this day.

His career as a freelancer began with that job, and since then he’s been working diligently for small clients as well as for well-known apps and brands. Whether it be a single page or a whole website, he’ll make sure to deliver high quality results.

To get to know more about Luis and anything related to him as a translator, feel free to check out his Upwork profile.