Author’s Bio – Eve L.

Eve L. is a native Norwegian writer who sometimes also writes in English, with the help of her editor. In addition to creating articles from scratch, she’s also offering translation services, from English, Swedish or Danish to Norwegian. Her area of expertise lies in the iGaming industry, and since 2016 she’s almost exclusively been writing about online casinos and gambling. However, once in a while she also takes on other types of writing assignments about non-gambling related games and topics.

Most of the year, Eve lives in the small Mediterranean island of Malta, but she’s also an avid traveler and it’s almost just as likely that you’ll find her under a palm tree on the beach in Bali or being swept away by the crowds in the busy streets of Tokyo. Her love of traveling is also one of the reasons she chose to work freelance since that’s given her the freedom to work from wherever in the world she wants to be.

Professional Experience

Eve’s professional experience covers a wide range of more or less unrelated work. She’s a trained hairdresser but spent her 20’s working as a store manager, while her later years have been revolving around the iGaming industry. This eventually led her onto the path of becoming a writer and translator for this niche. She’s been working with some of the most well-known online casinos in the world, such as LeoVegas, ComeOn and Casumo, as well as casino affiliates, such as GiG Media and Raketech.

Game guides and other informative articles are what she usually prefers working with, although she also does reviews, news articles and blog posts.

If you’d like to find out more about Eve and her experience as a freelance writer, you’re welcome to check out her Upwork profile, where she shares more about her freelance services.